Fraser Coast Artslink Inc.

Working towards encouraging all aspects of the Arts.

About us

Fraser Coast Artslink is a non-profit community organisation which supports all local performing Artists, Visual Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, Artisans and Crafters etc as well as Queensland Arts Council Touring Arts.

With the Fraser Coast’s population growing at an explosive rate this is an opportunity to display the growing artistic talents of the local community, attract recognition for the artists, allow them exposure to the general public giving them an opportunity to grow and professionalise their performances as well as attracting families and older people, who would not normally access the arts on a regular basis.


We have a number of current groups under the Fraser Coast Artslink "Umbrella". Check out the "Groups and Activities" Page for more information.


If you are interested in starting your own sub-group under the "umbrella" of Fraser Coast Artslink.

Please contact us via email.

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